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Windows Server 2022 Standard 16 cores

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Windows Server 2022 Standard Is Now Available At the Best Price

Windows Server 2022 is the recent server released from Microsoft. This powerful System expands on the strong foundation of Windows Server 2019 by providing improvements and new capabilities to simplify your work and improve your performance. We will see what’s new in the Windows Server 2022 Standard release.

Windows Server 2022 Standard

Windows Server 2022 Standard, The Server You Need

Windows Server 2022 is currently available in three editions: Standard, Datacenter and Essentials. We'll discover the brand new features included in the Standard edition. The Windows Server 2022 Standard is designed for physical or minimally virtualized environments, and it provides excellent solutions for cloud and on-premises environments. You can find below three key features that you can benefit from once you install the server.


By integrating current security capabilities across many domains, Windows Server 2022 delivers defense-in-depth protection against advanced threats. The enhanced multi-layer security of Windows Server 2022 provides the protection that servers demand today.


Hyper-V Improvements

Virtual switches have been enhanced thanks to updated Receive Segment Coalescing (RSC) in Hyper-V. As a result, the hypervisor network may aggregate and handle packets as a one big segment. CPU cycles are saved, and segments are consolidated throughout the data route until they're processed by the designated application. This implies that network traffic received by a virtual NIC from an external host, as well as network traffic from a virtual NIC to another virtual NIC on the same host, would perform better.

Hyper-V Improvements

Storage Replica

Storage Replica is a Windows Server feature that allows you to replicate the content of your volumes between servers or clusters in the event of a disaster. It also allows for the construction of extended failover clusters that span two locations while keeping data synced. With Windows Server 2022 Standard, the Storage Replica option is now available (1 partnership and 1 resource group with a single 2TB volume), however it lacks the Storage Spaces Direct functionality.

Storage Replica


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